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Our name speaks for itself. Blue Lavender is a powerful flower. Its essence is our essence.

Lavender induces calmness. The same calmness you get when you wind down and treat yourself to a pleasant cup of f resh tea.

Lavender stimulates reflection, a conscious personal moment you can have over a nutritious snack.

Lavender is a promoter of good conversation, the kind you have with loved ones over a hearty meal.

The nutrition we offer is not just the one we serve on beautiful plates.

The kind of nutrition we are after is not just for the body, but also for the mind and essence. The nutrition we offer can be found in everything that comes out of our kitchen, in each product f rom our gourmet organic market, in the thorough curation of healthy reading material, in the careful assembly of our gift boxes…

Our one body and our one conscious mind and soul make up the most primordial partnership we’ll ever be part of. They should be interweaved by a mutual promise to care for and enhance each other.

We thrive to help you take good care of your body.


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South Beach Miami at Nassau Suite Hotel 1414 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Florida.

Don't miss the chance to meet this art deco boutique hotel, located just one block away from Ocean Dive, on a unique historic building that shines for itself.

We serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and snacks. Ask us about our delicious and convenient Beach Boxes.
Shop our market for healthy goods, souvenirs, and gifts for your loved ones.
MON-SUN: 8 AM – 8 PM